KIR81AF3K5 Bosch Fridge – 319L


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Product Features

  • 319-liter capacity
  • NoFrost technology
  • VitaFresh drawer
  • LED lighting
  • EasyClean interior
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Child lock

KIR81AF3K5 Bosch Fridge – Where Innovation Meets Capacity!

  1. Generous 319L Capacity: The Bosch KIR81AF3K5 Fridge offers a spacious 319-liter capacity, providing ample storage space for all your groceries, beverages, and fresh produce.
  2. VitaFresh Technology: Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer with Bosch’s VitaFresh technology, which maintains the ideal temperature and humidity levels, preserving the natural goodness of your food.
  3. SuperCooling Function: The SuperCooling function rapidly cools newly added items, ensuring that your groceries are brought to the optimum temperature quickly, extending their shelf life.
  4. LED Interior Lighting: The energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates the entire refrigerator, providing clear visibility and giving your kitchen a modern touch.
  5. MultiAirflow System: The MultiAirflow system ensures consistent and even cooling throughout the fridge, preventing hotspots and keeping your food fresher for longer.
  6. Quiet Operation: With its low noise level, the Bosch KIR81AF3K5 Fridge operates quietly, allowing for a peaceful and undisturbed kitchen environment.

Product Benefits:

  • Abundant Storage Space: The 319L capacity of the Bosch Fridge ensures you never run out of space to store your groceries, making it perfect for families and those who like to stock up on fresh produce.
  • Fresher Food, Longer: The VitaFresh technology keeps fruits and vegetables fresher for an extended period, reducing waste and saving you money on groceries.
  • Rapid Cooling: The SuperCooling function is a time-saving feature that ensures your newly purchased items are cooled quickly, maintaining their quality and taste.
  • Organized and Well-Lit: The LED interior lighting illuminates every corner of the fridge, making it easy to find what you need, even in the darkest corners.
  • Enhanced Food Preservation: The MultiAirflow system ensures that the cool air is evenly distributed, preventing any temperature fluctuations and optimizing food preservation.

Why Every Home Needs This Appliance in Their Kitchen:

Discover the ultimate storage solution with the Bosch KIR81AF3K5 Fridge – designed to bring innovation, convenience, and efficiency to your kitchen. Its spacious 319-liter capacity offers ample room for all your groceries and fresh produce, making it an essential appliance for households of all sizes.

With VitaFresh technology, your fruits and vegetables stay crisp and flavorful for longer, reducing food waste and saving you frequent trips to the grocery store. The SuperCooling function ensures that your groceries are quickly cooled to the ideal temperature, preserving their quality and taste.

Embrace the organized and well-lit interior with LED lighting, and experience the benefits of the MultiAirflow system, providing consistent cooling for fresher food and reduced energy consumption. The Bosch KIR81AF3K5 Fridge operates quietly, creating a peaceful atmosphere in your kitchen.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Bosch Fridge and elevate your food storage and preservation to new heights. Experience the perfect balance of performance, capacity, and innovation with Bosch, a brand trusted by millions worldwide. Make your kitchen complete with this must-have appliance and discover the joy of fresh and organized storage in your home.

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KIR81AF3K5 Bosch Fridge

KIR81AF3K5 Bosch Fridge - 319L


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